Eggs. Hunting. Beer.

First BIG question, how ‘Adult’ is this Adult Easter

Egg Hunt? For starters, it’s a 21+ ONLY Event (If you’re under 21, you won’t be able to register). If you’re over 21, you're welcome to register you and your team to play!

But what is it?


It’s the time of year again when kids all around the U.S. get to stuff their faces with their favorite easter candy, but what about the adults!?

This is why we created the Adult Easter Egg Hunt…to make up an excuse for adults to drink booze and hunt for eggs (that just happen to be stuffed with ‘adult related’ goodies). The kids need to stay home for this event! Say “Hello” to the 4th Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt! Now let’s get to bar hoppin’!


is it only inside?

Yes! This IS a bar crawl and you will be going from bar to bar and along the way, finding some goodies! We've added games to every bar so it's not just drinking, but you're earning tickets and eggs all afternoon! We try to make this as interactive as possible! We use thousands of eggs each year and give away a lot of money in eggs strewn about the bars. We even throw out golden eggs and give you clues as to where they are! This year, they'll be posted here on our website! Live updates all day!

We will have games, a scavenger hunt, and raffles you can enter!



This year, we've added a theme to the Adult Easter Egg Hunt: Prism!

What is it exactly? Well, we want everyone to collectively be as bright and crazy as possible. So within your teams, dress all one color or a variety to add to the 'easter egg basket' idea.

Get creative with the color theme. Get weird. Dress crazy! Grab those tutus, suspenders, glitter, and colorful shoes you never get to wear and let's have some fun!


Here is a quick breakdown for you!

What do I get? 
Well, everyone before April 3, 2020, will receive:

+ T-Shirt

+ FREE Shot on Us!
+Access to games

+ONE Free Raffle ticket into the big prize bowl!


You're going solo, but that's ok! You can meet up with some other people along the way!

2 or 3 Peeps

You and your closest pals can come and hang out and have a weird time with us!

Team of 4 or More!

Man. You have a lot of buddies! well, bring them all because the more the merrier!






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