Mysteries are some of our favorite things to write. We would LOVE to create a Mystery for your next event! Every mystery we write is original (with takes on some common characters and pop culture). 

See our library of ideas below. One thing we love though, is being given a theme and we create a mystery around it. Pretty much anything we'll make a mystery of with the exception of religion and politics. We will not do those, no matter how good of an idea you have.


We will come to the venue and set up the mystery before hand. We will host it at your place so you can also participate and just enjoy the time with your friends, coworkers, or family. We won't give you answers unless you do not wish to participate. We also most likely won't be involved in the murder pending what you pick. But NO ONE will need to "act" the part or anything. Most people are kind of shy about that, so we try to avoid it.

The mystery is solved through a means of finding clues, unlocking locks, solving puzzles, and most importantly: being able to tell US what happened. It's NOT an escape room or a typical murder mystery, it's both. The mystery isn't over once you unlock the box, it's over when your team is able to tell a story with the information that is given. The most accurate (not fastest) will always win. 

We use a keyword point system to 'grade' your answer sheets in the end. We look for specific words and phrases and go from there. We bring the answer key to every mystery so you are also able to look it over at the end and see why you maybe missed some points.


Many of our mysteries are Moderately rated in difficulty. This means that the mystery can be solved, but it will take you and a team to all solve it! 

You can sign up by yourself or with a friend. You will be put into a small team (we try no more than 4 people per team, if you want more, that's ok!)

We try to limit each one to 24 people. It's a good size. If you have more, we'll just need to make more clues and more teams! More than this will cost you a bit more in extra supplies.





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