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Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl

DECEMBER 5, 2020 - 1PM-6PM

What is a bar crawl without games? Well, boring. So at every bar, you have the opportunity to play games and compete for raffle tickets for the big prize. Also, if you place first in any of the games (holding the standing all day) you get more tickets for your chances to win the big raffle at the end!

Image by Arnel Hasanovic


Glittery Balls

Gingerbread House Contest

Cookie Decorating - Baked by KTown Cakes <3

Ugly Sweater Runway*

Guess the Weight of the Present
Hot Chocolate Bar

Scavenger Hunt
Candy Cane Fishing

Bow Time

Wrapping Races

Naughty or Nice - All Day, Ongoing Competition

See below for descriptions

Image by Charlie Solorzano
Glittery Balls

Hang 'em Up!

Blindfolded and Mittened, you will be challenged to hang up ornaments on a fishing line! Most in 90 seconds wins!

Image by Dario Mingarelli
Gingerbread House

Build the Best

You get to be your own home designer...with cookies...yay! The best house (audience vote) at the end of the day will win!

Image by Joyful
Cookie Decorating*

KTown Cakery

Add on to your special bar crawl with Ktown Cakery and decorate some yummy sugar cookies!

Image by Zabdi Beltran
Tree Races

Faster & Prettier

How fast can your team fully decorate a tree? How about so it also looks pretty?

Image by freestocks

Guess what's inside

Can you guess what's in the present just by shaking it? Accurate guesses will win.

Image by Nica Cn
Hot Chocolate Bar

Add a Shot

Come up with your own hot chocolate concoction! Maybe add a shot from the bar! ($)

Image by Nick Seagrave
Scavenger Hunt

Look Around!

There will be a hunt going on all day long. You'll be in search of certain items on a list, given to you at registration!

Image by Deidre Schlabs
Candy Cane Fishing

Cast away!

Are you a good angler? How about with a candy cane!?!
Test your cane skills in this game!

Image by Ben White
Bow Time!

Wrap Battle

How beautifully can you wrap a christmas gift...and how fast?
Judging will be audience based.

Santa's Love


At the beginning of the day, each person will receive a challenge. You can't do your own challenge, you must challenge someone else. If they refuse, they go on the NAUGHTY list. If they accept, the make it to the NICE list. Someone can be challenged more than one time. You cannot make someone do the challenge, it is simply up to them if they want to or not! 

If a challenge is accepted, you post a video of said challenge to our event page and you will receive 5 extra tickets into the raffle. If you deny, you obviously get nothing.

Santa will also be coming around with challenges of his own!