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We custom write each and every mystery that we're booked for. If there's a theme you want or a specific story, let us know! We won't ever give you something you can just look up the answers to. That's boring!
Each mystery will be different than the last one. You will be finding clues, codes, ciphers, missing items, and so much more with us. For the upcoming mystery, see below.


Our New System!

If you're ever wondering what level of puzzle is best for you, look no further! This is only applicable to OUR mysteries. Probably in line with others as we have done well over 50 escape rooms and have a pretty good gauge on puzzle solving times!

Difficulty Level: 





If you have questions on the rating or general puzzle making, let us know! We're always here to help!



Image by Jason Goodman
Image by Joanna Kosinska

7:30PM - 9:30PM

All of our Mysteries are custom written each time. We do have a library to pick from if you're wanting something done for a business or home party! We do those, too! 

What am I looking for?

I want you to be able to tell me a story of what happened. It's a mystery and the winning team will ALWAYS have the most accurate storytelling.

You will unlock things, decipher, add, subtract, multiply, read, comprehend, and so much more. Our goal is to make you think outside your normal problem solving skills. 

Many of our mysteries are Moderately rated in difficulty. This means that the mystery can be solved, but it will take you and a team to all solve it! 

You can sign up by yourself or with a friend. You will be put into a small team (we try no more than 4 people per team, if you want more, that's ok!)

We limit each one to 24 people. 

Need more information? Contact us!



OCTOBER 23, 2022

Attending wizardry school should have been fun and exhilarating...instead you and your friends got stuck, literally, in a classroom because of an evil curse the Wizard Overlord has cast on the school itself. How will you escape the school, defeat the evil one, and break the curse before you're stuck for eternity in the halls of Arlen School of Wizardry?


Difficulty Level: 


Image by Artem Maltsev
Image by Simon Schoepf


DECEMBER 18, 2022

The smell of cinnamon floats through the air and the Christmas tree is decorated with care. One more sleep until the bright and shiny day at your family cabin and you're so excited! You get to open presents, bake cookies, and lay around by the fire all day long. What could be better? A few hours into the night, the emergency weather broadcast cuts in and you can't quite make out what they are saying? Sounds like a distress call? You take it upon yourself to try and respond...nothing. No one answers. The radio call stops. You look around the cabin and go to your siblings room to tell them what happened and to your surprise, they're missing....

Difficulty Level: 


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