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The Kearney Night Market started out as a local food truck rally and turned into so much more over the last 5 years! 2020 will be the 5th year in the making! Each year we grow so much more with the vendors and events that we have going on. If you'd like to be involved, click the vendor sign up below. If you have some questions, head over to our FAQ section at the bottom of the page!




Local Meat Vendor


Fair Food

Street Performers

Interactive Booths

Local Companies

Unique Foods

Food Trucks

Coffee Vendors

Floral Vendors

Farmer's Market

Handmade Crafts


Kid Businesses

Pretty much any kind of vendor you can think of! If you don't see your type of vendor, we may have more information in the FAQ! If you don't find it there, please contact us!

Honestly, it's pretty easy to become a vendor. All you have to do is figure out the size of space you will need (most people only need a simple 10x10 space which is $20 per market to sell whatever you would like within reason. Some things cannot be sold at the Night Market. Please check out the frequently asked questions section.



Those who choose to just attend the Kearney Night Market, get to do so for free! By free we mean we don't charge a fee to get in. The merchandise you want to purchase will most likely cost, so bring some money downtown to support your local businesses. 

Also, come hungry! There's plenty of good food and choices for everyone!

  • What is the Night Market?
    It's an event that's positively changing the culture of central Nebraska, while celebrating local entrepreneurship!
  • Where does the money go?
    To the event to cover you under insurance. This event also takes hours of work to put on and it is almost a full time job organizing it in the summer :)
  • What are the 2020 Dates?
    As of right now: June 4, 18, & 25 July 9, 23, & 30 August 13, 27
  • What are the times?
    Typically most vendors are open about 6:30 PM and closed at about 10:00PM! We will *require* vendors to stay in the 2020 Season until half an hour before we officially close. We will set the closing times when the city approves of them.
  • Do I need a food certificate to sell food and drinks?
    The easy answer: Yes and No. If your food needs to be hot or at a certain temperature (such as meats), you MUST have your certificate to sell at the Night Market. There are no exceptions. We do have the food inspector around so you will get caught if you do not have one. It's also a part of food safety. Please refer to this: We did NOT write this, these are the Nebraska Laws. Foods that are NOT allowed at OUR market: - Sushi -Raw Meats for Consumption - you may sell beef steaks, hamburger meat, and such as long as they are properly contained. So no selling Tiger meat to eat. It MUST be cooked. You can eat raw meat on your own time. :) - Live Animals - Please don't even ask. - Canned food with a popped lid. If we see that your cans are not properly sealed, we will ask that you remove them from your selling table. This does NOT include samples, but you may not sell the remainder of the jar. - Bugs and anything else that can be seen as a parasite or pest in the American Culture. It will usually give a bad name. If for some weird reason you feel the need to sell chocolate dipped cockroaches, head on over to our 'Contact Us' page, and tell us and show us that you're a certified Chocolate Cockroach Dealer...
  • Is this family friendly?
    Absolutely! We actually even have one night dedicated solely to families. July 23, 2020 is that night! Bring out all the kids for a fun night out downtown!
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